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But why is that? Meet Ramon, Eve, Luiz, Sophie and 70+ other talents who moved up on the Danes' floor.

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Years in Denmark:

Country of origin:



Years in Denmark:

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"The tech scene in Denmark is a melting pot of talents from all over the world. This diversity enriches the ecosystem, fostering innovation and fresh perspectives."

Palak Sehgal
CTO and Cofounder / India

Helga Kovács
Energy Engineer / Hungary

Mariana Napuri
Program Manager / Argentina

Tegan Spinner
CEO / United States

Tony van Swet
Software Engineer / New Zealand

Silvia Ingala
Medical Researcher / Italy

Artjoms Jakovenko
Software Engineer / Latvia

Anna Coen
Founder / Ukraine

Cheng Li
Head of People / China / USA

Mutinta Eglund
Personal Assistant to the Head of Sustainability and Department Assistant / Zambia

Magnus Ihle
Tech Lead / Norway

Agi Tombacz
Online Business Manager and System Specialist / Hungary

Sumit Kumar
Leader of Leaders / India

Maria Groves
Software Developer / United Kingdom

Justine Beaule
Marketing and Sustainability Strategist / Canada

Travis James Mathers
Chief Commercial Officer / United States

Megan Ting
Localisation Team Lead / United States of America

Harry Kearney
Co-founder & COO / United Kingdom

Alex Berger
Senior Product Marketing Director / USA

Patrik Longauer
Content Manager / Slovakia

Rósa Björk Einarsdóttir
Head of Engineering / Iceland

Carlos Marcos Torrejon
Lead Data Engineer / Spain

Sarah Wehmeyer
Product Manager / Germany

Ioannis Kanellopoulos
Head of Product Design / Greece

Carrie Bromeland
QA Manager / United States

Adele Mikoliunaite
Senior User Experience Designer / Lithuania

Madara Moroza
Social Media Manager / Latvia

Maria Belen Balbi Vaccarezza
Process Engineer Team Lead / Argentina

Pratik Hariharan
Editorial intern / India

David Bak Posada
Product Manager / Colombia

Katerina Komarkova
Junior Software Developer / Czechia

Vlad Gidea
Chief Executive Officer / Romania

Beatrice Carraro
Director of Marketing / Italy

Marta Interlandi
UX/UI Designer / Italy

Andy Grantham
Head of Marketing / Scotland

Lauren Brown
Head of Carbon Removal / United Kingdom

Yaldes Devris
Team Lead / Italy

Nicolas Blier-Silvestri
Partner / France

Paige Richards
Paid Media Manager / United States

Vera Liscinska
Marketing Manager / Slovakia

Ioan Vasut
Co-founder / Romania

Ellen de Bever
Senior International Growth Manager / The Netherlands

Dwayne Donaldson
Teamlead / Australia

Brian Roges
Operation Assistant / Argentina

Dominika Andrzejewska
Project Manager for Group Contracts / Poland

Julia Lopez Marsal
Customer Success Consultant / Spain

Laura Marlene Graf
Marketing Manager / Germany

Gabriela Mazallo Bocchi
Marketing Campaign Manager / Brazilian/Italian

André Rangel de Sousa
CEO and founder / Portugal

Zuzana Jackova
Lead Product Designer / Slovakia

Santa Krieva
Co-founder & Design Director / Latvija

Deepthi Damodaran Bhavani
CTO / India

Monika Barauskaite
Head of Customer Success / Lithuania

Tatiana Troščáková
Customer Success Team Lead EMEA / Slovakia

Leonardo Miodrag
Partner / Croatia

Aleksandar Grbic
Tech Lead / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anastasiia Karnishyna
Engineering Manager / Ukraine

Lilian Chiu
Co-founder & Head of Product/UX Design / Canada

Lucas Zocco
Senior Software Engineer / Argentina

Sedef Guvenc
/ Turkey

Alex Booth
Co-Founder / United Kingdom

Teodora Matei
CEO & Co-founder / Moldova

Viktoria Stoyanova
Head of Projects and Product Quality / Bulgaria

Emil Berzén
Creative Technologist / Sweden

Caroline Landy
Product Manager / France

Taline Yerganyan
Senior Partner Success Manager / Belgium

Tania Godoy
Head of Marketing & PPC / Argentina

Fanny Esquivel Jiménez
Graphic Designer / Mexico

Aamir Sohail
Digital Engagement Consultant / Pakistan

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