Working in Denmark is actually pretty great

Enjoy the healthiest work-life balance worldwide

Denmark has a work-life balance that makes the rest of the world shake its head in disbelief. With 37-hour workweeks and a high level of flexibility, the homeward queues in the bike lanes start mid-afternoon. 

With that being said we still get things done - overtime just isn't the Danish way. It's all about getting things done efficiently and without making a fuss, so we can get back to biking, winter swimming, and other activities that make life fun.

Flat country, flat work culture?

Danish employers trust their employees like they are all secret agents. It's like, 'Here's your mission – you know how to execute it better than me. Mutual trust is the starting point. 

And those corporate ladders? More like stepping stools. In Denmark, hierarchies are as flat as the country. Everyone's got a voice, no matter their job title – and it is expected that you use it. We are very direct in our communication – the only thing we sugarcoat is our pastries. Speaking of: get ready to eat and drink with your colleagues. Danes tend to value social and professional interactions during work hours. This is often where innovative ideas are born.

The importance of trade unions

This collaborative attitude is also why trade unions and employer organizations are so essential to the well-functioning Danish labour market. Employers and trade unions collaborate to find common ground while respecting each other’s different interests. Want to know more about what trade unions can offer tech talents?  

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Did you know that 65% of employees in Denmark are part of a trade union?

Yes, it's true! And when it comes to the field Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), it's around two out of three.  

Whether you're a company specialist, entrepreneur or newcomer to the labour market, trade unions support you in achieving fair working conditions and salary. They also protect your rights and advise you on how to develop your skills or find the next amazing job. And you get an excellent opportunity to meet the Danes through professional and social networks!



Don't miss out on being an international professional in Denmark and getting the expertise and support of Danish trade unions. With a union in your dance circle, you can concentrate on enjoying The Danes’ Floor.

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